Our paediatricians provide excellent health care for infant or child through their adolescent years. The department provides checkups, immunisations and treats childhood illnesses. We treat a variety of health issues, including asthma, allergies, behavioural abnormalities, upper and lower respiratory and other viral infections. We can guarantee that your child will be in safe hands.


Your eyes are precious to us. At B.P. Poddar Hospital we treat them that way. We offer eye care services ranging from routine check ups to the most advanced surgery by our skilled ophthalmologists. Other services include visual acuity and field tests, treatment of eye related diseases, eye surgery and emergency eye care.


Oncology is one of the leading departments in the hospital. Hi-tech equipment for Brachy therapy, Cobalt therapy and Lineace enables patients to avail the most advanced radiation therapy. Our research team is focused on exploiting advances in science to develop and deliver new treatments for cancer.


The department of Gastroenterology provides a full range of services to patients with gastrointestinal and liver disorders. It provides comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic care for diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract including stomach, pancreas and bile duct (gall stone and jaundice), colon and rectum. Dr. Sudipta Ghosh - MD, MRCP DR. Deepika Kedia ? MRCP DR. Indraneel Saha ? MD DR. Anirban Chatterjee? MNAMS, MRCP DR. Dipankar Sarkar MD, DM State of the art facility ENDOSCOPY SUITE 24 h. ENDOSCOPY Service Comprehensive Diagnostic & Therapeutic endoscopy Oesophageal variceal Ligation Oesophageal Dilatation Oesophagial metal stenting Polypectomy Foreign body removal ERCP - Diagnostic + Therapeutic Stone extraction stenting of biliary & pancreatic duct Sphincterotomy OPD SERVICES - 7 DAYS A WEEK Emergency on call Gastroentrology service Radiologic intervention like PTBD USG guided aspiration USG guided Liver Biopsy Well trained technician & nurses Good Support Service

Gynecology & Obstetrics

The Department of Gynaecology encompasses a spectrum of care focused on women of all ages. We offer a wide range services from pre-reproductive to childbearing and menopausal years. Our caring practitioners focus on wellness, prevention, early screening and treatment.


Our ENT department is equipped with all the modern equipment to provide diagnosis and treatment of all diseases associated with ear, nose and throat. Primary care physicians treat common ear infection, colds and sore throats, while the specialists focus on chronic or more difficult problems.


Hematology: Routine hematological tests including blood group. Bone Micro examination and trephine biopsy Baltic cultures + PCR sent outside. Biochemistry: Routine biochemical tests Tumor markers Hormonal study Microbiology: All routine culture with drug sensitivity AFB culture for Tuberculosis Surgical tests Special test are outsourced. Clinical pathology: Routine urine, stool, Fluids etc. Histopatholology: Biopsy Cytology including FNHC Frozen section biopsy etc.


The Dermatology Department is equipped with both the experience and technology to provide a comprehensive service for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Treatment is available for various skin conditions, infectious skin diseases, fungal skin infections, infections of the fingernails,problems with hair etc.


In our Medicine department, we have the most renowned specialists of Kolkata as our panel, who offer dedicated service to the suffering humanity. Our in house doctors can tackle any medical emergencies at the hospital. We ensure that service is provided in a comfortable atmosphere and so that our patients feel at home.

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B.P.Poddar Hospital & Medical Research Ltd. is a 205 bedded multispeciality hospital offering advanced healthcare services with special emphasis on Oncology, Cardiothoracic surgery, Traumatology and advanced clinical research.

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