The Cardiologist plays a pivotal role in the long-term treatment of patients with cardiovascular problems.
Non - interventional Cardiology :
B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL& MEDICAL RESEARCH LTDCardiology team is headed by eminent doctors and highly trained fulltime consultants who blend clinical experience with expertise. Patients can also consult cardiologists at the hospital's Out-Patients' Department (OPD). Where necessary, consultations between doctors / referrals may be made to enable a faster and more accurate diagnosis.Cardiac treatment is backed by a full range of sophisticated diagnostic equipment. Apart from the routine Treadmill, Echo-cardiography and Colour Doppler studies, B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL has also performed radial Angioplasty and radial angiography with stenting which is a rare phenomenon in this part of the country.

Radial Angiography :
Here the catheter is guided through the wrist instead of the thigh. It is a relatively new process and B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL& MEDICAL RESEARCH LTDis one of the few hospitals in Kolkata where radial angiography is being performed very successfully. It is relatively less painful than conventional angiography and overnight hospital stay is not required. At B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL we have the necessary expertise and equipment to perform such a complicated procedure.

Radial Angioplasty :
WE performed radial angioplasty successfully. Here the catheter is guided through the wrist and then standard Angioplasty procedures are followed. It lessens chances of infection and hemorrhage.


B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL & MEDICAL RESEARCH LTDhas a completely operational Clinical Research Department with an integrated Team of Investigators, Manager, Research Associate / Coordinator and conduct trail as per ICH GCP, with a dedicated room for storage of documents and drugs, and other facilities like deep freezer, refrigerator etc.\ for Clinical Trials. Clinical Research Services are provided in the indication of Cardiology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Nephrology, Infectious Diseases, Gastroenterology and GI surgery, Orthopedics, Gynecology, ENT and Critical Care.

B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL & MEDICAL RESEARCH LTD also have Institutional “Clinical Research Ethics Committee – CREC” for review of Clinical Trials, functioning as per “Guidelines of Indian Council of Medical Research.


At B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL & MEDICAL RESERCH LTDt he Cardio Thoracic & Vascular surgery department comprises of a team of highly experienced and competent surgeons for round the clock treatment and care of cardiac surgical patients.
The department has two operation theaters of international standards with laminar flow, stainless steel cladding on walls and epoxy coating on the floor for electro static and infection free environment. It is equipped with specialized electrically operated tables, OT lights with camera and sophisticated monitoring devices, the latest versions of intraaortic Baloon pumps and heart lungs machine.

The cardiac surgical team is fully trained to tackle all types of cardiac surgical patients like:
» Routine and Emergency coronary bypass
» Valve Replacements
» Beating Heart Surgery
» Use of arterial grafts
» Carotid and Coronary endarterectomies
Unstable patients on intra aortic balloon pump support or compromised ventricular functions Combined procedures like Coronary bypass and valve replacement Correction of congenital heart defects

Operated Cardiac surgical patients are looked after by trained and efficient cardiac nurses in the recovery room, one nurse to one patient. The recovery room is well equipped to take care of all eventualities with round the clock monitoring facilities for pacing, ventilation and cardio version etc.


B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL & MEDICAL RESEARCH LTD provides Day Care facilities for a large number of cases including short surgical procedures of various specialties. Patients availing of day care facilities do not have to get admitted in the wards. They can come to the hospital on the day of the therapy / procedure in the morning and can be discharged on the same day.

The treatment / procedures which are usually carried out on a day care basis in this hospital are as follows:
Ophthalmology Procedures
» IOL +/- Phaco Surgeries
» Dacryocystectomy

ENT Procedures
» Septorhinoplasty
» Myringoplasty
» Myringotomy and Insertion of Grommet
» Tympanotomy
» Direct laryngoscopy and biopsy
» Stone extraction from Submandibular Salivary gland
» Excision of Papilloma

Respiratory Procedures
» Fibre Optic Bronchoscopy

Short Surgical Procedures
» Excision of Cyst
» Diagnostic Cystoscopy + /- Dilatation of Bladder Outlet
» Circumcision

Nephrology Procedures
» AV-fistula for Dialysis

Orthopaedic Procedures
» Fracture reduction with POP cast
» Carpal Tunnel release
» Dupuytrens Contracture release
» Simple Fasciotomy

Gynaecological Procedures
» Dilatation & Curettage of Uterus
» Suction and Evacuation of Uterus
» Cervical/ Vulval/ Vaginal biopsy
» Excision of Breast lump/ Fibroadenoma
» Hysteroscopy (Diagnostic) +/- Lap dye test

The list is illustrative and not meant to be exhaustive. Patients can also avail day care facilities for a few other cases provided that is permitted by the consultant.


Dietitians provide a clinical service to all the inpatients areas besides A&E and run regular out patient clinics in the main out patient area.
Dietitians assess, treat and diagnose diet and nutrition problems by using the most up to date scientific reasearch on food, health and disease which we translate into practical guidance to enable people to make appropriate lifestyle and food choices.
They promote the well-being of individuals and communities to prevent nutrition related problems. Dietitians have a wide range of responsibilities including working with people with special dietary needs, evaulating and improving treatments, informing the general public about nutrition and educating patients/carers and other health professionals.

» Undertake nutritional and dietary assessments » Provide appropriate dietry advice and information » Negotiate an individual dietary action plan » Monitor the individual's progress as agreed in the plan » Liase with the referrer and others involved in the individual's care » Provide training to other health professionals on nutritional issues


There has been an incredible advancement in the field of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy over the last few decades. B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL& MEDICAL RESEARCH LTD , Department of Gastroenterology, in step with the advancement, is diagnosing and treating all types of Gastroenterological problems with precision.
The Department, comprising of a Super specialty team of Gastroenterologists, Interventional Endoscopists, Radiologists, Transplant Surgeons and amply supported by ultra-modern equipments, provides treatment of international standards.

» Appendix Removal
» Cholesystectomy (Gall Bladder)
» Spleenectomy Repair
» Hernia Repair
» Thyroid Surgery
» Oesophageal surgery
» Gastric resctions
» Wipple's Operation
» Pancreatic Surgery
» Colo rectal surgery
» Liver resection
» Mastectomy (Breast Removal)
» Circurnscision
» Lumbar Sympathectomy
» Whipple Surgery
» Adrenalectomy
» Fundoplication
» Variose Vein
» A V Fistula
» Diabetic Foot Surgery
» Aneurysm Surgery


The Department of General Medicine at B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL& MEDICAL RESEARCH LTD is one of the best tertiary care centers in India and is staffed by highly qualified doctors of national and international repute.

This department provides:

1. General medical care to adult patients through:
» O.P.D
» Speciality Clinic
» I.P.D
» Intensive Care Units

2. Supporting Diagnostic facilities:
The prime objectives of this department are:
» Accurate diagnosis
» Prompt treatment
» Patient awareness regarding preventive aspects of the diseases The department works in close association with all other superspecialities to ensure that the needs of all types of patients are properly identified and met.


The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at THE B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL& MEDICAL RESEARCH LTD is equipped with modern facilities and is manned by some of the best medical professionals in the field. We provide all kinds of open as well as laparoscopy gynaecological surgeries (including total laparoscopic hysterectomy along with hysteroscopy).

We also specialise in painless labour with continuous electronic monitoring of the foetus and deal with different kinds of complicated pregnancy cases involving high risk and requiring multispeciality consultants.

We also offer Urogynaecology for women facing problems of urinary leakage and painful voiding, especially due to old age.


Neurology is the branch of medical sciences that specializes in dealing with disorders of the nervous system. At THE B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL& MEDICAL RESEARCH LTD, we are happy to bring to patients requiring neurological care and treatment a whole range of services to address conditions involving the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous systems, along with a wide range of neurosurgery facilities.

Our panel of neurologists is trained to investigate, diagnose and treat neurological disorders accurately and effectively, ensuring a complete recovery in the shortest possible time, thereby ensuring the highest degree of patient satisfaction.

Come to B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL& MEDICAL RESEARCH LTD and get world-class care and treatment for ALL neurological problems, at a cost that will always surprise you.


The Division of Nephrology at THE B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL& MEDICAL RESEARCH LTD work closely with other specialists, including cardiologists, endocrinologists, pharmacists, nurses, educators and dietitians to deliver high-quality, cost-effective care to patients who suffer from problems involving the kidneys.
Comprehensive services for nephrology outpatient and inpatient care, dialysis, and kidney transplant services are provided at THE B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL& MEDICAL RESEARCH .

THE B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL& MEDICAL RESEARCH LTD treats nephrology disease, including :

» Chronic kidney disease
» Critical care nephrology
» Diabetic nephropathy
» Glomerular disease (glomerulonephritis)
» Hyperoxaluria
» Kidney failure
» Kidney stone diseases
» Pediatric kidney disorders
» Polycystic and inherited kidney diseases
» Renal parenchymal/glomerular disease

Transplant Nephrology
The Department of Transplant Nephrology offers world-leading care for patients who need kidney or pancreas transplantation:
» Pre-transplant evaluation and pre-transplant care for both kidney and pancreas transplant recipients
» Post-transplant long-term care for both kidney and pancreas transplant recipients
» Pre-transplant evaluation and pre-transplant care for living kidney donors
» Pre-emptive kidney transplant (leading to better long-term prognosis for certain patients)

Comprehensive renal replacement therapy options are available at B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL& MEDICAL RESEARCH LTD for patients with chronic kidney failure.
Dialysis specialists provide patients with comprehensive care, including:
» In-centre hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis
» 24-hour emergency dialysis services
» Home hemodialysis for eligible patients
» Pre-emptive kidney transplantation evaluation
» Educational programs for dialysis patients and their families


The Surgical Oncology facility in B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL& MEDICAL RESEARCH LTD Cancer Center is a comprehensive facility offering a multitude of services that cover a large gamut of ailments. Surgery is usually the primary method of treatment for most isolated solid cancers . It also plays a role in reaching a definitive diagnosis and staging the tumor. Every patient referred to B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL& MEDICAL RESEARCH CANCER CENTRE for surgery benefits from the expertise of our very renowned onco-surgeons coupled with our multidisciplinary team approach to cancer care, and access to world class facilities. We view postsurgical rehabilitation as an integral part of cancer care. It is available both on an inpatient and outpatient basis for individuals at various stages of cancer treatment. This service includes physiotherapy, nutrition and psychotherapy.

» Head and Neck Cancer surgery
» Breast Cancer surgery
» Lung Cancer surgery
» Esophagus Cancer surgery
» GI Cancer surgery
» Gynecological Cancer surgery
» Genito-urinary Cancer surgery

Oncology and onco-surgery deal with the treatment of Cancer. At B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL& MEDICAL RESEARCH LTD, highly qualified Consultants, Paramedics and Nursing staff, supported by the state-of-the-art and sophisticated equipments, can treat and deal with any complicated case of Cancer. The hospital has experience in treating patients with Cancer of the Gastrointestinal tract, Uteriac Cancers, Breast Cancers and Brain Cancers successfully over the past few years. It offers Medical Oncology and Surgical Oncology facilities for complete and comprehensive management of different types of Cancers under one roof.
B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL& MEDICAL RESEARCH LTD also provides facilities for effective Chemotherapy and the latest drugs are stocked for the purpose. It is fully geared up to undertake radical surgical treatment with well-equipped ultra modern Operation Theatres and an eminent Team of Surgeons.
Our Credentials:
Comprehensive Care in Medical and Surgical Oncology by the best experts in the field.
High quality CO2 Laser equipment to produce the best results surgically ,thereby maintaining the quality of life.
Instant On Table Frozen Section Biopsy.
Dedicated Chemotherapy unit.
Availability of Chemotherapeutic drugs at reasonable costs. Effective coordination of medical and administrative issues by competent personnel. Economy Packages for Onco-Surgery patients.


There has been spectacular progress in the development of diagnostic facilities, improved aseptic procedures sophisticated equipment and skills in the recent past. These coupled with safer anesthetic techniques have made surgical intervention feasible for a number of medical entities. It is imperative that operation theatre (OT) is designed scientifically to ensure sterility, easy maintenance and effective utilization.
OT is that specialized facility of the hospital where life saving or life improving procedures are carried out on the human body by invasive methods under strict aseptic conditions in a controlled environment by specially trained personnel to promote healing and cure with maximum safety, comfort and economy.

Our Modular OT
» Promotes high standard of asepsis.
» Ensures maximum standard of safety.
» Optimises utilization of OT and staff time.
» Optimises working conditions.
» Patient & staff comfort in terms of thermal, acoustic and lighting requirements.
» Allows flexibility.
» Facilitate coordinated services.
» Minimises maintenance.
» Ensures functional separation of spaces
» Regulates flow of traffic.
» Has all its Cavity and joints filled with epoxy to make an OT seamless.
»Is painted with anti - bacterial & fungal paint.
» Provides soothing environment.

For an unbreachable sterile OT compound, it has been segregated in various zones which are area of varying degrees of cleanliness in which the bacteriological count progressively diminishes from the outer to the inner zones (operating area) and is maintained by a differential decreasing positive pressure ventilation gradient from the inner zone to the outer zone They are of following types.

Protective Zone - Areas included in this zone are:
» Reception
» Waiting area
» Trolley bay
» Changing room

Clean Zone - Areas included in this zone are:
» Pre-op room
» Recovery room
» Plaster room
» Staff room
» Store

Sterile Zone: Areas included in this zone are:
» Operating Suite
» Scrub Room
» Anesthesia Induction Room
» Set up Room

Disposal Zone - Areas included in this zone are:
» Dirty Utility
» Disposal corridor

Water Supply: Besides normal supply of available water at the rate of 400 liters per bed per day separate reserve emergency over head tank is provided for operation theatre.
Safety has always been given the uttermost priority in our hospital and is never compromised come what may!
Fire Safety: Our OT is provided by both ionization and optical fire detectors as against heat detectors, since equipment - oriented operation theatres are likely to create more smoke than heat in the eventuality of fire. Hydrants and fire extinguishers are at every level possible. Fire exit route is clearly identified, earmarked and well illuminated.


B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL & MEDICAL RESEARCH LTD believes that all children should be assured of an excellent standard of health and wellness. The diverse needs of children should be met in the context of a wholesome family and stable community.
Driven by such noble views, B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL & MEDICAL RESEARCH LTD houses a fully-equipped speciality department of Paediatrics to cater to the special medical needs of infants through to adolescents. B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL & MEDICAL RESEARCH LTD takes great pride inits panel of esteemed doctors, academicians and other medical professionals specialising in the field of Paediatrics and helping children of all ages with the best medical solutions for their problems.
For complete, compassionate, state-of-the-art healthcare services for children from birth to sixteen years of age (and older in some cases) with special health care needs, look no further than B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL & MEDICAL RESEARCH LTD. Make an appointment today.


The Department of Urology at B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL & MEDICAL RESEARCH LTD offers a comprehensive urological service to diagnose and treat kidney stone diseases, urological cancers, incontinence, infertility, impotence, female urology, paediatric urology, prostatic surgery and other urinary difficulties.

The services offered include:
» Comprehensive care for the urinary stone diseases
» Lithotripsy
» Percutaneous renal surgery
» Intra-renal stone surgery by flexible scopes and laser lithotripsy
» Endourology
» Minimally Invasive surgery (Keyhole or laparoscopic surgery)
» Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy
» Laser for prostatic surgery
» Video Urodynamics
» Impotence
» Infertility
» Urological Cancers
» Female Urology
» Paediatric urology
» Reconstructive urology


The Department of ORTHOPEDICS at B.P.PODDAR HOSPITAL & MEDICAL RESEARCH LTD care and commitment, constantly reinventing itself to establish the highest level of ethical standards in patient care, clinical research and education in this region. It is regarded as the most specialized centre in the eastern region for Joint Replacement, Traumatology, Spinal Surgery, Pediatric Orthopaedics, Arthroscopy and Sports Injuries & Hand Surgery.

it is also the official referral centre during major national sporting events
Our Successful Journey:
» Trauma Primary and Polytrauma
» Total Knee Replacement
» Total Hip Replacement
» Shoulder Replacement
» Spinal Surgery
» Arthroscopic Surgeries

Arthroplasty & Joint Replacement Surgery
Arthroplasty is an operative procedure in which the arthritic or dysfunctional joint surface is replaced with a prosthetic material to provide a painless mobile joint. We perform primary knee, hip, shoulder and elbow replacements. We have a record of unparalleled success rates for treating the highest number of patients with who have visited our hospital with following conditions -
Osteoarthritis (OA)
» Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
» Avascular necrosis (AVN) or osteonecrosis (ON)
» Congenital dislocation of the hip joint (CDH) Hip dysplasia (human)
» Acetabular dysplasia (shallow hip socket)
» Frozen shoulder, loose shoulder
» Traumatized and malaligned joint
» Joint stiffness

Failed arthroplasty:
Joint replacement surgery
» Performed highest number of Joint Replacement surgeries (Hip, Knee, Shoulder) in Eastern India so far.
»Introduced Computer Assisted Surgery Total Knee Replacement in Eastern India
» Started the first Revision Unit for failed replacements in Kolkata
Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery Cases are mostly congenital, usually critical surgery like Correction of Limb Deformities and Talipes Deformities.

Arthroscopy (also called arthroscopic surgery) is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which an examination and sometimes treatment of damaged interior part of a joint is performed using an arthroscope, a type of endoscope that is inserted into the joint through a small incision. Arthroscopic procedures can be performed either to evaluate or to treat many orthopedic conditions including torn floating cartilage, torn surface cartilage, ACL reconstruction, and trimming damaged cartilage. We have performed arthroscopies successfully on numerous patients visiting our Orthopaedics Department.
Following are the procedures that take place routinely:
» Meniscus Balancing
» Meniscus Repair
» ACL reconstruction
» PCL reconstruction
» Synovial Biopsy
» Loose body Removal
» Rotator cuff repair
» SLAP surgery

Academic Activities:

» DNB in Orthopedics Surgery
» AO Centre India
» J&J Centre of Excellence In Arthroplasty

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